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Child and Youth-centred Accountability: a Guide for Involving Young People in Monitoring and Evaluating Child Protection Systems

The CAPE Guidebook draws on the work of the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) and our partners from around the globe to develop practical tools and processes&nbs… View »

CAPE: Academic Papers

Sharing CAPE Project Findings Applied academic papers were prepared on each of the case studies to contribute to the broader child protection and M&E fields. In addition to addressing the foundat… View »

CAPE Annual Report: 2011-2012

Annual Report: 2011-2012 This briefing report shares the key activities, results, and learnings from the Child‐centred Accountability and Protection Evaluation project (CAPE). The report seeks to inf… View »

CAPE Digital Stories

Greetings all, Please view the following digital stories to learn about what young people had to say about the protective and risk factors in their communities as well as their suggestions… View »

CAPE 2010-2011 Annual Briefing Report

This briefing report showcases key activities, stories and lessons from the Year 1 (2010-2011) of the Child-centred Accountability and Protection Evaluation (CAPE).   View »

CAPE Thailand Case Study

The CAPE Thailand case study focuses on understanding children’s perspectives about their lives and their communities through the identification of risks and protective factors. It is also exploring… View »

CAPE Colombia Case Study

The case study focuses on children growing are growing up in conflict-ridden environments in the midst of poverty, drug trafficking and high levels of violence ranging from armed groups&nbs… View »

CAPE Brazil Case Study

The CAPE Brazil project is focused on understanding the meaning of protection and well being in Brazil from children’s perspective. Children’s understanding of the protective and risk factors in… View »


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