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Young Partners in Development as a Community of Practice

Young Partners in Development is committed to a process of collective learning and development within the world of youth-led and youth-serving organizations.  It is being founded by the International Institute for Child Rights Development (IICRD) and is a partnership between academic institutions and youth organizations.

Collectively we are co-producing a mesh-network (meshwork) of individuals, groups, and organizations focused on deeper understanding in the areas of peace-building, governance, higher education, child protection, ICT for development, and social transformation.

We envision four Levels of Participation for the Community of Practice:

      1. Community of practice member: open to all (existing YPID site): Join an international community of practice which bridges youth led movements, post secondary educational institutions, research-practitioners, UN agencies, foundations and other partners.

      2. Subscription: as a subscriber of YPID you will receive monthly updates from the widespread educational resources emerging from the applied activities with youth lead projects, latest research, video lectures, podcasts and links to educational initiatives undertaken by ourselves and our friends

      3. Certificate courses and educational "badges": Take on-line courses for certificate on a variety of subjects including: youth led community research; mediation and conflict resolution and peace-building; the application of social media for social justice; applied human rights, and youth in governance

      4. Enroll in an interdisciplinary Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate specialization in Youth Partners in Development through the Royal Roads University, IICRD partnership program. Offered via an on line/residency program various regions of the world. Emphasizing a "reflexive" model of community practice for youth engaged in community development and broader social justice work, Masters and Doctorates for scholar practitioners focusing on in depth research and policy development.

Your feedback will shape and guide our identity, structure, and resources at this earliest of stages. 

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Comment by Alex Atuheire on September 6, 2012 at 3:44pm

This is really awesome and im very grateful to have been able to be in touch and learn more of this group. Alex, founder and CEO of Amatsiko, a not-fot-profit organisation that supports orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda-

Comment by Sande Hart on June 26, 2012 at 8:45am

What a brilliant and necessary vision to focus on the essential need to convene all energies that foster an empowered generation, all by showing them the skills and tools to step into and co-create a healthier more sustainable world.  My skills are only as effective as the critical mass of likeminded and concentric circles around me, and that which I surround. Not only do our youth need us to model collaborative spirit, we need on another to support and influence. This is not the "industry" of ego. Our work is too important not to lock arms on such a vital cause as youth, sustainable development, the environment, interfaith reconciliation, community building, and all efforts that help us evolve as a human race. Thank You YPID!!

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