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Do you want to know how to start blogging? Post an event? Share a video or photo? Maybe you just don't understand why you would add someone as a friend. Please go ahead and ask any question that you think if you had the answer to would make it easier for you to participate and use the network.

There is a good resource for help here.

To ask a question simply post a reply in this discussion. Welcome!

Topics discussed so far include:
* Integrating with other social networks

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I got this email from Elaina:

From: emiicrd []
Sent: April-08-09 4:37 PM
To: Jon Ramer
Cc: Elise Mallory
Subject: Social Networking: Follow-up Questions

Hi Jon:

It was great to connect with you this morning! I had a few follow-up questions for you in terms of integration with YouthScape’s initiative.

1. Integration with other social networking sites: We have a partnership with TakingItGlobal. The site has largely been dormant for the past few months. Are there strategies for integrating information from this site over? Here is the link:

2. Tailoring: Would it be possible to refine/adapt a few things? Links to Facebook? Are there any mapping functions? In an ideal scenario, it would be great to profile small projects that young people are starting from across the country. Is it possible to have a map of Canada with thumb tacks where people could see where the projects are situated?

Thanks for your help. Happy to have Elise coordinate this if there are other questions from other projects.


My answers posted here so they can be shared:

There are ways to integrate the CRIP site with other social networks such as Facebook. You can share with Facebook friends a badge connecting them to the CRIP site. At the bottom of the CRIP you can learn about badges and sharing with other Social Networking sites.

We have also integrated the WiserEarth directory with the CRIP site. It is in that WE group that we can build a directory of organizations, resources, solutions, etc. We can also identify projects and display them on a map. There is a map module there that we can use. Take a look here

Does this help? There is plenty we can do to pull these resources together in lots of creative ways.
Hi Jon:

Thanks for the note (and for responding on the site). Great reminder!

Thanks for the link. This is interesting and helpful. It would be fantastic to display projects to display them on a map. This is the kind of information that I am looking to share. See attached (hope that works)
We can add projects to the directory and add those projects to the map. We also have Taking IT Global as one of the organizations in the directory .

I added the Taking IT Global Guide as a resource.You can visualize the connections between organizations and their resources as well. For example take a look at this link

I have visualized the connections between the Taking IT Global - Take Action Guide and the IICRD. Just another example of how we can visualize the connections.

I'll take a look at the page that you posted and we can discuss ways to integrate this further.
That would be great Jon. I am particularly interested in the map of Canada so that people can see that a young person started up a rock and roll club at the Boys and Girls Club in Halifax or there is another young person doing a greenhouse project in Thunder Bay...that kind of thing were people can see a thumbnail and learn more about the project. Other visualized connections would be great too.

Also, another question - how can I add more features to "groups" as opposed to my personal profile. For example, posting documents, creating a calendar, etc.

Thanks for your help.


Hey Jon:

I am trying to post a video from a DVD but am having some challenges with converting the format? Any thoughts?

Also, I am really interested in trying to include a map of Canada on the YouthScape page. How do I do that? Is there a widget that I need to download? Let me know.


Hi Jon - just wondering how I edit a comment that I posted on the site?


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