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Child Rights in Practice - One Week Later...

We'll it's been a week since the Child Rights in Practice conference. Our social network has over 200 members and visitors from over 80 countries! How can these connections strengthen and develop the work we shared and created at the CRIP Learning Forum? The network gives us access to colleagues who can become allies for moving our work forward, personally and collectively. What's next is learning how to participate, contribute, and be contributed to. The answers are literally in our hands.

In this news post we highlight materials from the conference, offer a few suggestions on how to engage on the network, and invite you to join us for a one hour online CRIP basic training session on Thursday, November 12th (details below). We’ll conduct these sessions through the phone and computer; anyone, anywhere on the planet with an internet connection can join either of the two training sessions scheduled for Thursday.

Our network is an “ecosystem” that naturally includes creators, commenters, collectors, joiners, spectators, as well as inactives; it really does take a village. By each of us developing our knowledge and skills the entire network will benefit. Where are you on this spectrum?

The Groups Summary Reports

There were seven “open space” groups that reported back on Thursday. We recorded each presentation:
1. Child Participation Indicators, Chris Yeomans
2. Child Protection Tools, Martha Nelems
3. Child Rights: Going to the Next Level, Bruce Lund
4. Definitions: Outcome vs. Impact, Stuart Hart
5. M&E in Child Welfare in Indigenous Communities, Vanessa Currie
6. Positive Indicators, Bill Meyers
7. Social Networking Summary, Jon Ramer

There is a wealth of wisdom distilled and shared in these presentations. Listening back I was amazed at how much I missed! You can view all the open session group summary reports here.

CRIP Learning Forum Group: Home of Conference Materials

The group is one of the places we are presenting the conference materials, i.e. presentations, session notes, videos, etc. Please visit or join this group.

Each group also has a Discussion Forum that is related to that specific group. There are other groups on the site you might be interested in, e.g. Sonia Pouyat started the kidsLINK group.

View Some Great Videos
All videos related to the CRIP conference, this includes the open space session reports, visits to the First Nations Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre and other goodies can be found here.

The summary of our aspirations and commitments, the Dream Catcher, became a five part video. You can view the entire Dream Catcher experience. It is very inspiring to relive this kind of sharing with each other. Here is the last segment, do you remember how this ended?

You can view all the Dream Catcher videos here.

View Conference Photos
Here are 100 pictures of the conference. You can view them in a slideshow as well as full-screen!

Find more photos like this on Child Rights in Practice
Here is an album of the Open Space Topics:

Find more photos like this on Child Rights in Practice
If you have photos from the conference, please add them here.

So, What Can I Do on the Network?

Discussions: Reply And/Or Start One!
There is a Forum for a number of discussions emerging from the conference some include sessions notes, you can reply to or start a discussion on a topic that matters to you:
Journey to Justice started by Dana Quantz
Child Protection ME started by Martha Nelem
Accountability TO Children, How Do We Do That Really? started by Sonya Pouyat
Feedback on the Accountability Model started by Natasha Blanchet-Cohen

There will be additional discussions, please reply or start one.

Closing Reflections Discussion
Do you remember Manuel Manrique’s presentation on Reflections? The presentation is attached to this discussion and we invite you to add your reflections on the conference. Share your reflections on the conference in this discussion.

Check Out the News
Adem Arkadas-Thibert added News Posts with lots of great resources. You can view them here. If you have any news to share, post it here.

Child Rights Event Calendar

Together we can collaboratively create an event calendar of all Child Rights related events. By learning how to add events you can promote events that you'll be producing or attending. We'll go over this in the basic training. You can add events here.

Make Friends – It’s Good for You and the Network
Your circle of friends becomes a sub-group within the network. You can easily share content with and invite your friends to events and check out other pages on the network. Don’t be shy!

Invite Others to Join
Please invite others to join the network. There is an “Invite” tab above since this is so central to the ongoing development of the network and is something each of us can do. There are tools that make it easy to put content from this site onto Facebook and other social networks and easily invite other colleagues using email. Invite others here

CRIP Basic Training Sessions
We have scheduled two one hour basic training sessions. Times are shown in Pacific Coast Time. The sessions will take place on Thursday, November 12th at 9 AM PST, and 4 PM PST. Please RSVP and I will send you details.

The sessions will be similar in content and will cover the basics of what you need to know to get the most out of your participation. Please join us and we will learn together. If you are interested in participating but these times don't work for you, please let me know and we’ll schedule additional times. It'll be helpful to learn how to manage a global network and the time zones. You just need an internet connection, microphone and speakers to participate.

It is a privilege to be a part of this network and I am committed to helping you grow a powerful community resource that makes a difference in the vitally important work that you are doing. What is critical at this time is your participation. I look forward to hearing from you!

In community,
Jon Ramer

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Comment by Erin Henry on November 8, 2009 at 6:52pm
Amazing Jon!
Good work everyone involved!

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