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Bangladesh has a population of 140 million people, of which 65 million are children. The majority of the population is very poor with 35 % of the population living below one US dollar a day.

Child labor could be considered as the most important child rights issue in Bangladesh, given the very large number of children and linkages with other rights violations because of poverty, lack of knowledge on the harmful effects of child labor, child abuse and child’s rights many poor parents engage their children in labor for supplementing family income. Furthermore the employers often prefer children since they are cheaper and easier to handle than adults.

Child laborers are facing several problems. They are deprived of their childhood and they are often working very long hours under hazardous working conditions, which represent a threat towards their physical and mental health. Welding workshop, brick breaking yard, ship breaking yard, motor workshop, and leather processing area are the most hazardous job for children and they are even working in these sectors without wearing any protective materials.

Many children in hazardous and dangerous jobs are in danger of injury, even death. Beyond compassion, consider today’s children will become in the future. Between today and the year 2020, the vast majority of new workers, citizens and new consumers — whose skills and needs will build the world’s economy and society — will come from developing countries. Over that 20-year period, some 730 million people will join the world’s workforce — more than all the people employed in today's most developed nations in 2000. More than 90 percent of these new workers will be from developing nations, according to research by Population Action International.

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Comment by MOHAMMAD RAKIBUL HASAN on January 25, 2010 at 11:17am
I am a photographer by profession and I finished film school degree from Australia long time ago. I used to make short documentaries. This one I made for a video contest, all the images I used here taken by me and I directed and edited this video. I also have a permission to use this music here which is composed by Kevin MacLeod. Thanks for your comment. You may visit my photography site at
Comment by Elise on January 25, 2010 at 11:07am
Thank you for posting this video Mohammad. I noticed that you directed it - you did a wonderful job bringing this horrible situation to light. Is this video apart of an informational campaign against child labor that you are doing in Bangladesh? Or is it just something you feel needed to be shown? Thanks again!

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