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Training Children;s police of Somaliland

Save the Children in collaboration with Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Attorney General of Somali-land conducted three days training for police officers on child rights, investigation violations of the children and psychosocial and counseling skills.. 65 officers from different police stations of the children police were the training. In addition to that, construction of four child friendly victim examination units started in four police stations ( two in Maroodjijeex/Hargeisa… Continue

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International Release of 2010 "Because I am a Girl" Report

The “Because I am a Girl” global campaign of Plan International aims “to fight gender inequality, promote girls' rights and lift millions of girls out of poverty. Across the world, girls face double…


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Gotta Respect The Youth!

August 9th, 2010

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Today was a historic day for the youth representing the countries in ASEAN which are linked by the Mekong River. For the first time in it's 30 years existence, the leaders of ASEAN have formally requested that the voices of the youth be heard! Sixty youth ranging in age from 8 to 25 split into groups to decide on the most important issues that they wish to be shared with the members of ASEAN. Many themes were discussed and the top 7 were… Continue

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Canadian Girls Say . . .


Canadian Girls Say… is a… Continue

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New Child and Youth Commissioner in Prince Edward Island

It's not a Child & Youth…


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The Right in Education

Education is necessary to every child in the world. We need to educate our community to be
aware about child rights(education) in particular.

Thank you.

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Unchain Canada's Foreign Aid Giant

An article written by Barry Carin and Gordon Smith for Canada's The Globe and Mail newspaper.

Gordon is the Director of the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The Centre for Global Studies houses the…


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NSPCC says 2m child abuse images circulated on internet

More than two million images of child sex abuse had been circulated by 100 offenders who went on to be convicted in the last 20 months, the NSPCC says.

In a sample created by analysing media reports of court cases, the charity found that nearly 50,000 of the photographs were in the worst category.

One in four offenders had held positions of trust,… Continue

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Hi Alise

we will miss you.

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Human Rights Council to develop UN communications procedure for violations of Children's Rights

"Today (Wednesday 24 March 2010), the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva agreed to start drafting a new international human rights instrument enabling the Committee on the Rights of the Child to receive and examine communications from children and their…


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UN Human Rights Council holds its Annual full-day meeting on the rights of the child

On March 10th, 2010 the Human Rights Council (HRC) held its second Annual full-day meeting on the Rights of the Child which was devoted to the Fight against sexual violence against children.

To learn more about the meeting and to watch a webcast of the events click here.

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ATEA Support to Hargeisa Orphanage Centre

ATEA members provided various valuable items for Hargeisa Orphanage Center through Ismail Mohamed Abdi March 16,2010. This is not the first that ATEA have donated an essential support. ATEA provided help to these children a number of times, but this news covers the recent support as stated below';

1. 41 pairs(long trouser and shirt) of primary school uniform…


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Report on outcomes from an international conference on remedies for violations to the CRC

The aim of this report is to highlight key observations, conclusions and conversations resulting from the international conference Convention on the…


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Empowering practices for working with marginalized youth

This article was co-authored by IICRD's Natasha Blanchet-Cohen and builds off of the experiences from the YouthScape project.…


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Abused Online - A recent report out of Sweden on online abuse of children and adolescents

A recent report published by BUP Elefanten (Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit) and the County Council of Östergötland and written by Anders Nyman, a Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Commissioner and Film censor addresses some of the current and arising trends of online abuse.

The report, funded by the World Childhood Foundation, is an in-depth look at some of the issues that children and youth face when using ICT and works to inform…


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Balance a la luz de los 20 años de la Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño. Retos y Desafíos. Ponencia de Sergio Pinheiro

Sérgio Pinheiro, relator sobre los Derechos de la Niñez de la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH), realizo una presentación en el vigesimo Congreso Panamericano del Niño, la Niña y Adolescentes , llevado a cabo en Lima durante Octubre del 2009.

El documeto presenta un balance sobre los avances y retos que se presenta en el contexto americano de cara a la vigencia plena de los derechos de los niños, niñas y adolescentes, haciendo especial enfasis en el ámbito normativo,… Continue

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ECPAT-USA releases a guide on Protecting Children From Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Violence in Disaster and Emergency Situations

I thought this was especially relevent due to the recent disaster in Haiti.

"This manual, as the title suggests, is about how to protect children from sexual violence and sexual exploitation, specifically in disaster and emergency situations. It is not intended to be an academic report but instead is a practical guide that we hope will be of use to people working directly in the field. The aim is to provide fundamental information to assist personnel working in emergency…


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Overseas Development Institute Briefing Paper: "Raising the game: mainstreaming children’s rights"

Raising the game: mainstreaming children's rights. Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Briefing Paper 56, by Caroline Harper & Nicola Jones, November 2009.

From the article:

Key points

• Twenty years on from the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children’s rights are still not seen as a serious political issue

• Children’s rights should be… Continue

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